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Ikat Cushion Cover 08/18



The term Ikat is derived from the Malay word “mengikat” and means something like “to bind” or “to wrap around”. In contrast to batik, with the Ikat technique, instead of tying off a flat surface, the non-woven yarn is tied off. With a concrete pattern in his head, the artisan ties off the areas of the yarn that are to remain white during the later dyeing. The yarns are then stretched to dry in lengths of up to 50 meters and then often tied again in further steps to be dyed with a second, third or even fourth color. Once this process has been completed, the yarns are wound onto the spindles in a very specific order and then woven by hand. If even a small mistake happens here, the entire pattern is gone, so that the work requires the weaver’s maximum concentration. This very elaborate and filigree technique gives the Ikat fabrics a wonderfully light and shimmering look.

The Ikat weaving technique is used in many countries in the Middle East and Asia. Our cushion covers are manufactured by a small family business in Turkey using silk and cotton.

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Colour: white, red, pink


Front: 80 % silk, 20 % cotton

Back: 100% cotton

Measurements: 50 x 50 cm

Comes without inlay

Dry clean only

Handmade with love in Turkey


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