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A HEART AT PEACE – Tote Bag 3/8


Silvia believes it’s important to maintain century-old traditions and to always try to highlight the imprint of the human hand. Especially if the artisans and the handicraft come from controversial countries. Such as Afghanistan. The country was a highlight of the old hippie trail in the 60s and 70s. At that time, an own craftsmanship has developed, which still exists today.

Silvia teamed up with a group of talented Afghan people to together create bags that tell their history, the history of the ancient hippie trail. We happily welcome back our new „A heart at peace“ collection  and are proud to once again have the possibility to support amazing craftsmanship of local artisans and give back to indigenous communities from Afghanistan.

Each bag takes approx. 14 days to create entirely by hand and is adorned with myriad colorful beads and tassels that form traditional Afghan patterns and styles.
Wear your „A heart at peace“ – bag for all your travel and global adventures. We are sure it looks great with any laid-back city and beach outfit as well.

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Handcrafted in Afghanistan

Front and back of the A HEART AT PEACE – bag is different

Measurements: approx.: 55-60 cm (length) x 38-40 cm (width) x 30 cm (depth)

Total width with strap: 67 cm

Double zipper; additionally tassel closure in the middle

Little inner bag

Lining 100% cotton

Adorned with beads applications and tassels pendants


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