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Silvia loves individuality. And unique pieces. And still works according to the credo: handicraft before mass-produced goods. For this reason, Silvia’s leather mittens made of cozy lambskin are real rarities.

The sheep suede for the gloves is ethically sourced in the northern mountain part of Afghanistan (Pamir) bordering China and is a biodegradable by-product of the local meat industry. The sheeps roam free every day, grazing upon miles of mountainous grassy hills. Eventually, the animals are used for the local meat industry and their wool is used to make warm winter gloves and coats such as those that Afghan locals have been wearing for thousands of years.

Silvia only uses natural sustainable, biodegradable materials that leave a minimal trace in our environment. We believe in a conscious, conservative approach to consumption and want our pieces to be kept for years to come.

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