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Shearling Coat

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Silvia’s great source of inspiration are the 70s and the then hippie trail from Europe to India. In Afghanistan, where also the richly decorated A HEART AT PEACE bags come from, Silvia came across old craftsmanship again.

This luxurious lambskin coat is handmade near Kabul and features traditional Afghan fur trim and classic details.

The sheepskin for the coats is sourced from an animal-friendly farm in Afghanistan’s northern mountainous region (Pamirs) bordering China, and is a biodegradable byproduct of the local meat industry. The sheep graze freely each day on miles of mountainous grassy hills. The animals are then used for the local meat industry and their wool is used to make warm winter coats, like those worn by locals for thousands of years.

Silvia uses only naturally sustainable, biodegradable materials that leave minimal footprint in our environment. We believe in a conscious, conservative approach to consumption and want our pieces to be used for many years to come.

This classic coat sees its purpose in moving from generation onto generation. The timeless concept makes it possible to fit in perfectly in any trend era.

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Size: S/M

One of a kind

Colour: Clark brown lambskin coat with traditional embroidery

Material: outside: suede with embroidery; inside: sheep shearling

Coat can be closed due to hooks

Measurements: 100cm long; sleeve outside 55cm

Special cleaning

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