BE CLEAN MY FRIEND Yoga mat and room spray lavender lemon

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With our BE [CLEAN] MY FRIEND yoga mat & room freshener spray, you can not only clean & disinfect your beloved mat, but also refresh your whole home and yourself.

Due to the high quality, organic essential oils, just a few sprays are enough to keep your mat fresh and vitalize your favorite rooms, easily helping you to regain focus and freshness. The high quality organic rosemary has a refreshing, antiseptic effect and disinfects your yoga mat in no time. Plus, they make you feel right at home anywhere in the world, whether you’re on the mat at your favorite yoga studio, at home in your living room, or in a hotel on the other side of the world.


Simply spray a few pump blasts into the air or onto the yoga mat, upholstered furniture or, for example, curtains to be refreshed and enjoy the scent.

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