- Silvia Gattin
Silvia Gattin

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Every city has secret locations, its hidden trendy bars and restaurants, its unusual boutiques and small cafés, without which its residents cannot live. But who to ask when you come to a new city? Exactly, the locals!
In 25 stories in the new “We Are Vienna” city guide, Viennese artists and creatives speak about their must-see sights, tours and secret favorite places that cannot be found in classic city guides. Anyone who wants to experience Vienna the way we know “real Viennese” can go on a voyage of discovery with “We Are Vienna”.

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Date of issue: 17.03.2016

Publisher: Echo Medienhaus

Pages: 173

Measurements: 21,3/14,9/2,2 cm

Weight: 480 g

Language: German, English

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