Plaids Archive - Silvia Gattin
    • Cotton Throw


      This soft throw from 100% hand spun cotton is hand dyed and handwoven on a traditional loom in a small village in the middle of Java, Indonesia. The small family run handloom factory is specialised in all kinds of traditional weaving & colouring techniques and we are very proud to be the first to bring their fabrics to Europe. The throw has a natural and hand crafted look & feel. The different natural colours you can choose from match all kinds of interior styles perfectly. The throw will keep you comfortable on a cold winter or a chilly summer night.

    • Shavasana


      Based on her longstanding love for yoga, Silvia developed her first Shavasana yoga blanket in collaboration with the Turkish label El Patito, known for soft hamam towels. With the versatile yoga blanket made of organic cotton, you can cover yourself up after your yoga practice in Shavasana, the dead position, so that you do not cool down. You can also simply use it to relax on the sofa or to cover on long flights on the plane.

      The lettering “my soul honors your soul” is based on the Indian greeting “NAMASTE”. Namaste comes from Sanskrit and means something like “I bow before the divine in you” or “you and me, we are one. My soul greets your soul”.

      There are numerous tassels on the second long side, which makes the blanket a charming eye-catcher.

      The organic cotton yoga blanket is very light and ensures a good skin feeling at all times. The natural material cotton is breathable and feels pleasant at all temperatures. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can cover yourself with the blanket and enjoy its comfort.

    • Tassel Plaid PomPom


      Your bed needs some original yet cozy bed-cover?! You are looking for a special throw for your couch?! Well, we have the answer. Our numerous visits to tassel wonderland Morocco inspired us for this collection of handwoven blankets and throws adorned with pompoms on two sides. Every single piece is handmade by talented artisans and workers in Marrakesh. Quality and beauty take time and you will for sure feel the passion and love behind this exceptional handicraft work.

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